Live Monthly Training!

I have some exciting news! The Organized and Energized Insiders Club is here and it's your chance to be a founding member! 


The first 108 people to join will be the founding members and will receive additional time with Kathi as well as other perks. Membership will close after first 108 members  and will not reopen until 2021.

Exciting news!

The Organized & Energized Insiders Club has launched!


The Organized Insiders Club gives you instant access to live training with Kathi every month to include organizing tactics and techniques and also includes a monthly group training session.


During our monthly training sessions, you will receive organizing solutions on topics that challenge all of us us as busy entrepreneurs such as how to tackle your paper piles, create more time for fun and take back control your inBox.


You will also have an opportunity to be in one of the three monthly hot seats.


During your hot seat, you will have the opportunity to ask your specific questions and receive actionable tactics and guidance for whatever areas you are feeling stuck and need assistance.


The goal of these monthly sessions is to provide specific solutions about what’s challenging you right now.


What's stressing you out, making you feel overwhelmed and what's keeping you awake at night.


Uncovering the roadblocks to your success will help you tackle the critical challenges, or as Kathi likes to say - your 'MUCK' that you are facing right now.


Kathi's goal as a Board Certified Professional Organizer and Image consultant is always to help you get unstuck, get organized and create better systems so that you are able to move forward and create a space for expansion In both your business and your personal life.


This Insiders Club is designed to be  personalized and focused on the topics that are most useful for you.


It could be...


Providing solutions for your piles of paper

 Managing your time time better

Working together to reach your goals

Finding a way to eliminate overwhelm

My goal is to help you embrace new habits & create a safe space for learning during our monthly conversations.


So - go ahead and Join my Organized and Energized Insiders Club!


If you think this might be the place for you to grow and expand your life and business - act fast as we are limiting this initial group to only 108 Founding Members.


As a Founding Member you will receive special perks throughout the year.


Kathi wants to make sure that this is an intimate group and that she can help everyone individually before it is open to the public.


This small group will ensure that everyone will enjoy multiple opportunities to receive one on one assistance.


This intimate Organized and Energized Insiders Club is where people can share their wins, brainstorm solutions and have the opportunity to network with other like-minded women entrepreneurs.


So jump in and check it out! If you like it, hang out and if not, check out and we will still be friends!


Click below to get started becoming more Organized and Energized!


If you like our group and want to stay you don't have to do anything.


If you feel it is not for you just let us know within 30 days and we will cancel your membership.

This group will be your ticket to a more organized & energized life!

Join The Organized Energized Insider's Club now...

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Kathi nails the muck that gets you stuck and tackles it with her eloquent language, powerful systems, and real life examples. Kathi has the solutions that make taking the step from stuck to unstuck from your muck simple!

Patty Kreamer

Productivity Uncorked, CPO, Speaker, Author 

Kathi Burns shows you not only how to de-clutter your life from the inside out, but how to make way for a new you! In order to “get out of your own way”, you really have to “get out of the way of your stuff” and Kathi will pin-point all the areas you’ve been doing this in your life that have been holding you back from a more productive, organized and successful YOU.“

Diane Seto

I am a single business professional with three children and an insane schedule. While I am successful in my field, I have always considered myself rather "Organizationally Challenged." Kathi has helped me on the journey of not only into the discarding of unnecessary stacks of paper in my life, but discarding much of the thought processes that went right along with creating them! Ladies! Prepare to drop some pounds (of paper that is) after you join this group!!

Natalie Stillman

Financial Services Professional

If you are looking for someone who knows how to manage her time and remain focused on helping you get focused, then you will want to speak with Kathi. I was looking for more time, more organization, and a more powerful system of dealing with the day to day operations of my business. She has completely streamlined my system and I highly recommended Kathi if you want to improve on any of these areas.

David Bone

Solana Flooring