Yes Kathi, I’m Ready To Get My Home Organized!

Here’s what you’ll learn in Home Organization, The Smart Guide


  • Conquer the most challenging areas in your home like your master closet, your kitchen and your garage once you identify the roadblocks that make you feel stuck. This insight is revealed on page 22

  • When ‘Just Do It’ doesn’t do it > Once you understand why certain areas of your home are harder than others to clear, you will be equipped to tackle them with confidence and ease – see this on page 20

  • Learn how to Implement The 7 Uncluttering Rules to Live By, so that you eliminate the chaos and have more time and enjoy more freedom.  These simple effective guidelines are on pages 13-18

  • Use the Five principles of “De-clutterization” so that you can achieve long term success - read pages 60-67

  • Create sustainable change with good storage systems so that every space in your home makes sense and you can stop wasting time searching and buying duplicate items – read pages 48-49

  • Know the quick steps to give the ghosts in your closets a boot out the door so you can find what you want when you need it (and clear out those dusty bunnies) pages 43-45

  • Overcome your procrastination and learn how and where to begin after you uncover your real challenge with clutter pages 18-19

  • Avoid embarrassing moments when unexpected guests arrive as you learn the easiest way to demuck your home simply do what’s laid out on pages 50 – 52

  • Gain an understanding of the Universal Law of Clutter Attraction, so that you can take control and declutter your master closet page 11

  • Save a lot of time and eliminate the learning curve during  your decluttering progress when you follow the professional organizing MAPP System Pages 26-30


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    Here’s What a Few of Our Clients Are Saying:

“This (organizing) is huge. It is not just about organizing our house it is about putting our family life back on track and how we use our space. Being organized takes the stress away so I can enjoy the time I spend with my family. The worry and burden is no longer there. I can actually spend quality time with my kids instead of searching and worrying about things like lost batteries for the camcorder.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the help you’ve been! The house feels different it became cozy and it feels like home. I don’t need to leave the house to study, I can concentrate now and I become comfortable sitting around the house, cooking, and cleaning! Even unloading the dishwasher now has become an easy task compared to before .. I know where everything goes I don’t need to think and cram everything together. Thank you so much!!!”

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